Frequently Asked Questions


What does the CAG hope to accomplish with their current initiative?


The CAG is persuaded that the nation’s social insurance programs are facing serious challenges. We believe that the public deserves to be told about these challenges and that those who seek public office should be expected to talk about how they would address these challenges. We believe that the members of our profession - and the institutions that represent our profession - have an opportunity and a responsibility to enhance public awareness and public accountability during the 2016 presidential campaign. The CAG’s current initiative is dedicated to increasing actuarial engagement with these opportunities and the responsibilities.



Has this effort been endorsed by any of the organizations representing actuaries?


No. After repeated efforts to engage these organizations we have reluctantly concluded that the nature and focus of the profession’s current institutional engagement inadequately addresses our profession’s responsibility to protect social insurance and other public promises by managing with discipline, assuring fairness and intergenerational equity. We also fear that by failing to play a leading role in the discussion, our profession is diminishing or potentially eliminating the credibility that will be accorded future actuarial generations. 



Would the CAG work with the organizations representing actuaries if those organizations decided they should become more engaged?


Of course!



What can I do if I want to help?


Please click on the "Opportunities for Engagement" link in the “Join Us” tab above.


To help provide key stakeholders a full, accurate, and easily understood analysis of the financial realities of the nation’s social insurance and public employee benefit programs.


To assure that these systems are designed and managed with the financial discipline and transparency they require, but which they are not getting because of political pressures and the tendency of elected and other representatives to look for support rather than illumination.